Intel Announces New Logo and Intel Evo Brand


Intel, the leading company in the processor industry, announced both the new company logo and the Intel Evo brand. The radical changes in the logo attracted attention.

In general, it is not possible to say that Intel’s plans are going as the company wants. The company, which started to lose its share to AMD in the processor market, could not fully prepare for NVIDIA’s new 3000 series cards.

Starting to lose its position in front of the press, Intel decided to renew its brand. While the company renewed its own company logo, it also made changes in the logos of its sub brands. In addition, the Intel Evo series was also announced for the first time.

New logos from Intel

Intel’s changes can be seen clearly in the image above. Accordingly, the company presented its new logos for iRIS, Xeon, Evo, Core, Pentium, and Optane to the customers.

All future products of the company will be designed in accordance with the new logos introduced. In other words, the labels we see on the products will show us in which period we bought a device or product manufactured.

The new, more minimalist logo is the company’s third different logo to date. While the logo, which has undergone minor changes since 2006, is getting ready to be discontinued, the new minimalist understanding also showed itself in sub-brands.

Intel Evo introduced

Intel also introduced the new Evo platform with logos. Basically, Evo will be a platform where 11th generation Core and Project Athena come together. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that this platform is completely new and the product base is layered with thousands of hours of work.

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More minimalist designs may also indicate that the company will switch to an infrastructure with smaller nodes in its infrastructure. Another important change in the logo is that the classic blue tone is now accompanied by green. Let’s see if this change Intel made a harbinger of something new, or is the company trying to do a rather old marketing trick? Time will answer this question.


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