Intel announces 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor series


Intel officially announced its 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor family. 11th generation Intel Core processors for laptops come with components such as the company’s new integrated Xe graphics processor unit, Thunderbolt 4 support, Wi-Fi 6. At the same time, there is a significant leap forward in performance and battery life compared to previous generation Ice Lake chips. The company claims that its new 11th generation processor series offers the best processor for thin and light notebooks.

The company premiered the new chips at the Architecture Day 2020 event held earlier this year. The new 11th Gen processor series is based on the 10nm architecture, in this respect it is similar to the existing 10th generation Ice Lake models. However, the Willow Core architecture is updated with the new “10nm SuperFin” design. Intel states that this will offer better speeds with lower power consumption.

Intel also looks assertive with its new integrated Xe graphics processor unit. The company says this will deliver twice the graphics performance. In addition, Intel says AMD will offer benefits that go beyond the pure number of cores currently leading. In a presentation shown by Intel during the demonstration, it is seen that the 11th Gen chip offers similar or better graphics performance than the 10th Gen chip working with the Nvidia MX350 GPU.

In addition, a new internal artificial intelligence engine is offered. Intel says this will make a noticeable difference, especially in video calls. These include reducing background noise or blurring the background.

In addition to the new chips, Intel also announced a new version of the Project Athena certification standard, Intel Evo. Evo has higher requirements. These include the ability of the laptop (for 1080p display systems) to work for more than nine hours in real life conditions on a single charge, fast charging (four hours with half an hour charge), Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4 support. The key here is to make sure customers are purchasing a high quality machine when they see the Evo logo.


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