Insult to injury, Nunez and “difficult conversations” — the last word about Arsenal — Liverpool 3:2


After another display of weakness in defense and lack of composure in the decisive moments of the game, Liverpool had to face defeat from Arsenal, and injuries compounded the grief.

The Arsenal team, full of self-confidence, will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of the Liverpool team, which is a shadow of their former self, which is always ready to offer opportunities.

The first one came at the 57th second, and the Gunners took advantage of the moment, and then Liverpool twice beat Mikel Arteta’s team only for a late penalty, which led to a 3-2 defeat.

Injuries to Luis Diaz and Trent Alexander-Arnold have only compounded the suffering as the investigation into what goes wrong continues.

Here, Joanna Durkan of This Is Anfield (@JoannaDurkan_) is joined by Adam Beatty (@beatts94) and Ben Kelly (@bkelly776) to discuss Darwin Nunez, injuries and the difficult conversations ahead.

Nunes’ performance was a welcome positive…

ADAM: It was very nice to see how he got into the protocol. I think he looked very lively against Rangers and we are seeing signs that he is getting used to this team and the system.

His clever diagonal passes were a real headache for the defenders, and although it’s a bit corny, I hope it’s the goal that made him run a bit.

I was interested to hear how many write him off, despite the fact that he hasn’t had a starting streak yet, to me he looks like a player with all the tools, and our recruitment team rarely misses when it comes to signing big money. .

BEN: From a personal point of view, it was a great work by Darwin, which, as you said, Adam, was based on what we saw on Tuesday.

The general consensus after Rangers was that he was making the right runs and taking the right positions, and so goals would start to be scored over time.

He seems to have such a mentality that he is desperately trying to succeed, desperately trying to prove people wrong. You could see it by his celebration as well.

The problem is that we’re just far from the stage where you can start relying on him in important moments and scoring important goals for us, and that’s what we need from someone, from someone at the moment.

JOANNA: I agree with you there, Ben. We’re on the right track with Nunez, but using his analogy, I don’t feel like a bottle of ketchup is ready to flow for him right now.

You could see what a goal meant to him, a very neat finish, and the fact that he gets to the right places and asks questions to the defense is half the battle, in which he wins very skillfully.

I really wish he’d learn to stay in the game more often than not. In such games, it only fuels frustration and makes it impossible to withstand pressure or find a rhythm.

Going back to what Adam said earlier, it’s strange to see how many write him off so easily and at the beginning of the season — it was hardly ideal conditions for prosperity, wasn’t it?

These wounds pour salt on the wound…

ADAM: When it rains, it pours! It’s hard to say how serious the damage was for both, but Klopp’s comments after the game really weren’t a good sign.

Diaz, in particular, has been one of the standouts for me this season, so it’s a pity that he was stopped on his way, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery from both.

JOANNA: If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Klopp’s words didn’t really sound positive, and losing Diaz for a long period of time is something I don’t want to think about, but I feel like I definitely have to do it!

He has appeared in every game this season and missed just over 100 minutes of the game for Liverpool, he gives us a completely different dimension. I think I’ll be in denial with this.

As for Trent, you hope the prognosis will be better if he keeps playing and then sees that his ankle is swollen during the break, but in some ways you feel that taking him out of the spotlight would be nice.

It’s not perfect, don’t get me wrong, but he needs to hit the reset button.

BEN: It seemed to me that because of Diaz’s injury, our sails were completely off their feet. He was such a pest in the first half and caused all sorts of trouble for Arsenal’s right flank, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in the second half we weren’t so tense after he left.

I thought that overall we would have had a good value for money at 1-1 if it had been like that at half-time, but in the second half all the positive things we did in the first half evaporated, and I think it was due to the departure of Diaz. . It’s a huge problem if he’s not fit for City next weekend, and that doesn’t mean we deviate from Klopp’s words.

Trent needed to come off, injury or not. His confidence will be completely undermined. He probably needs the World Cup period to rest at this point rather than leave, although I doubt he will take it that way.

Gary Neville did a great piece of MNF last week, basically explaining that if he can master even the basics of defense a bit, the sky is still the limit for him. But right now we’re looking a little bit away from that.

The decision-making on the second goal is very bad. If you’re going to leave in this situation, you have to take everything, the ball and the man. He came up and didn’t add anything, and it cost us the back post. Horrible.

ADAM: Just a note about the atmosphere, apart from the two goals, our ending was pretty even again.

After what has been the longest season of our lives, it seems that the start of this campaign has knocked our sails a bit, and it certainly came as a bit of a shock to the system.

It seems that we have been repeating this every week since August, but all we can hope for is that a big result is just around the corner, which will push us to work and lift the mood around.

But these are definitely the most cheerful Emirates I’ve ever seen, the mood there is really positive at the minute and for good reason.

I still think Man City will win the league, but it seems to me that Arteta is building something there that reminds me a bit of Klopp in 2017, and the fans really agree with that.

How restless is the defense getting?

BEN: It’s absolutely unbelievable that this is the same set of players from last season that we are watching. A group of players who have been so formidable for so long.

Look, it won’t last forever, I still think the “splash” will fade, but it’s unrecognizable now. The sequence of the game leading up to the penalty was incredibly bad. It was like someone playing FIFA very badly.

The 4-2-3-1 system is not perfect, but it is not the system that cost us two goals. What it cost us was that the players did not take responsibility and did not make a strong tackle or a big clearance. We need to get the leaders back. We need players we know.

JOANNA: That’s right, Ben, it’s not a system. These are players who make mistakes out of carelessness, are complacent, do not know what surrounds them, and are disciplined.

Conceding in 57 seconds is completely unacceptable, players may be out of shape, and it’s a nightmare when everything happens at the same time, but it doesn’t free you from repeating the same mistake over and over again.

These are 10 championship games out of the last 12 that we missed first, forcing ourselves to climb the hill every time, it does not contribute to success, it is far from it. There is a deeper problem in the game.

It’s so easy for the opposition and I’m afraid to imagine what Man City are preparing next week.

World-class players do not become bad overnight, but in the coming weeks you will need to reconsider your views and take bold steps.

ADAM: Sometimes we had tough lines, especially regarding some refereeing decisions, but we didn’t help ourselves either.

The goal shortly before the break was painfully cheap and a real kick in the teeth, considering that up to that point we were better.

There will be difficult conversations going on at Kirby this week and I’m not sure what the answer will be to change the situation, but these are elite-level defenders and they make sloppy mistakes every week, the same defenders. who have won everything from us.

Our reaction to their first two goals was actually very good, but at this level you can’t afford to switch off as often as we do now.


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