Instituto Claro takes the UNICEF initiative


Claro has just joined an initiative developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund of UNICEF which, together with all the partners in this journey, aims to generate one million opportunities for young people between 14 and 24 years old. The company has already signed an agreement.

Aimed especially at those in vulnerable situations – such as blacks and browns, indigenous people, adolescents and young people living in urban peripheries and rural areas and people with disabilities – the initiative aims to facilitate access to quality education, digital media and skills and the world work, offering learning opportunities, digital inclusion and jobs suitable for each age group.

With this, we collaborate with the construction of a better future for these young people, promoting their qualification and placing technology at the service of human, social and environmental development ”, says Daniely Gomiero, director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Claro and vice president of Instituto Claro’s projects.

With this, Claro will add to this initiative some projects that it already runs through Instituto Claro, such as its Dual School program, which offers technical high school in telecommunications, Educonexão – which offers Claro NET services in municipal schools, such as access points to the internet – and Campus Mobile, your innovation and entrepreneurship contest.

The “One Million Opportunities” initiative has a digital platform ( to help teenagers and young people in the search for accessible and quality information on opportunities and training for the world of work, including information disaggregated by regions. All opportunities can be accessed through the project application, which will have monitoring on the effective filling of each opportunity by the companies that participate through an adhesion agreement.

It is worth remembering that in the first semester the Instituto Claro launched distance learning content to assist teachers and students during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which closed schools across the country.

Claro also started to offer the study service for Pre-university entrance exams in Prezão, as a way to help university students in a particularly chaotic year.

And you, what do you think of the company’s actions to impact society? Tell us in the comments!


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