Instax Mini Link: A Pocket Printer Designed For Nintendo Switch


Instax Mini Link: We tell you what we found the Fujifilm gadget after using it with our mobile device. A really synergistic relationship. There has come a time when the experiences we live in video games are no longer just for us: we want to share it. For a couple of generations we have seen that the concept of being connected through the Internet is increasingly recurrent in a multitude of titles; either actively or passively. Similarly, Photo Mode is the perfect way to bring those images to social media. Now, Nintendo makes an agreement official with the Japanese firm Fujifilm so that its Instax Mini Link portable printer has an app designed and focused on Nintendo Switch. The result has pleasantly surprised us.

Instax Mini Link and New Pokémon Snap, love at first sight

The arrival of this agreement just now is not a product of chance, however. Since last April 30, New Pokémon Snap has been available in stores, the sequel to the famous Nintendo 64 video game that we could find in stores back in 2000 with a fundamental idea: to take photographs of Pokémon in their natural habitat. At the level of content, options and editing tools, this installment is much larger, a safe bet for any Pokémon lover. If taking photos and leaving them stored in a digital album or turning your Twitter account into a real safari is not enough for you, you may be interested to know that the Instax Mini Link comes to materialize moments in a simple, fast and comfortable way.

Quite the opposite with two decades ago, when in certain territories video stores installed photographic printing stations compatible with the Nintendo 64 cartridge. That privilege, which we could not enjoy in Europe, now reaches a new level, very cohesive with the traditional language of the photography, which is none other than having what you have captured in your hands. The operation of the Instax Mini Link – available on the market since 2019 – has a new ally, Nintendo Switch. The model that we have been able to analyze, supplied by Nintendo, creates a particular Triforce where we find three protagonists: your mobile, Nintendo Switch and this little Instax Mini Link – Ash White (a special edition with red and blue finishes). An edition with a Pikachu sleeve will be coming soon.


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