Instant legend: Luis Suárez debuted with 2 goals


Not even a written script would have predicted such a spectacular debut for Luis Suárez in his new team, Atlético de Madrid. The Uruguayan striker played just 20 minutes, in the first ball he touched he gave an assist and 12 minutes later he scored a real goal to debut as a mattress idol.

In compensation time, the Uruguayan again showed his sporting aggressiveness, the tables achieved at Barça and yes, the kind of player he will be this season.

Completely fit and as always, graceful in the face of goal, Suárez also left a message to the Barcelona board that he will surely miss his -at least- 20 goals per season.

It is clear that the Uruguayan will give a completely different face to the mattress offense, a forward with more resources than the “Cholo” ever had in a single player.

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