Installing and configuring Chromecast to make your TV smart


Installing and setting up Chromecast is a simple process. The dongle allows you to turn any device with HDMI input into a smart TV. The device connects to the Internet and allows you to mirror your smartphone screen or Google Chrome browser tabs, making it possible to access services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Globoplay and many others. Some services can be triggered using commands in the Google Assistant.

Currently, in the Brazilian market, the most common version of the Chromecast is the Chromecast 3, which is found in offers for about R $ 190, but basically offers the same features as other versions of the media center, in addition to allowing an initial configuration similar through the Google Home app. In the following tutorial, TechTudo explains how to install and configure Chromecast to make your TV smart.

Step 1. The first step is to connect the Chromecast to an HDMI input on your TV. The dongle will also need a USB connection or power outlet;

Step 2. To set up Chromecast, you’ll need a Wi-Fi network with an Internet connection and a smartphone connected to the same network. On the cell phone, it is necessary to download the free Google Home app, which will assist the user in configuring the equipment;

Step 3. On the Google Home home screen, select the option to set up a Chromecast. The app will ask you to identify the location where the installation will take place and start searching for available devices. In this step, your smartphone must disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and connect directly to the Chromecast;

Step 4. After locating the Chromecast, the TV will display a code that must match what appears on the smartphone. If the number is the same, just go ahead and customize the name for the device, according to the environment in which it will be used;

Step 5. The next step requires the user to select an available Wi-Fi network. At this time, it is possible to select the access point to which the smartphone is connected, making it not necessary to enter a password. At the end of the selection, the Chromecast will connect automatically and it is already possible to transmit videos, photos and other content to the connected screen.

To cast the content, simply select the Chromecast icon displayed in the main streaming apps. The configuration only needs to be done once, but if it is necessary to change the network to which the device is connected, it will be necessary to repeat the process.


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