How to install signal repeater? See tips for having Wi-Fi throughout the house


Signal repeaters are a good option for those who need to increase the range of the Wi-Fi signal. Brands such as TP-Link, D-Link and Multilaser offer devices of this type in Brazil for as little as R $ 45. The models promise to be a solution cheaper compared to powerful routers and Mesh systems, but they need to be installed the right way to work well. Here are some tips for using a repeater and improving your wireless network for less.

Determine the type of use
The first step is to define the main function of the repeater in your network. This is because the devices can be used not only to expand the range of the router, but also to create a kind of auxiliary Wi-Fi, such as a network of guests or a signal for a specific room or device. Therefore, it is important to note the features that the device offers before buying, since some models allow more advanced configurations than others, allowing different types of use besides just replicating the network.

Simple settings
Configuring a repeater is not a complicated task, especially when the model has WPS function, also present in some routers. That way, the user can pair both by pressing the button on both devices simultaneously. Some repeaters also offer the possibility of configuration through mobile applications, which should facilitate a lot of installation and adjustments in a more simplified interface.

High outlets
There are several ways to improve the quality of Wi-Fi. One is to leave the routers in higher positions in the house, which facilitates the propagation of the signal throughout the house and also prevents the waves from encountering many obstacles. As the repeaters work plugged directly into an outlet, choosing the ideal location can be a little problematic. Therefore, the tip is to choose the highest possible location – as long as the main signal gets there and the product can cover the desired area.

Away from the router (but not so much)
As the repeater expands a primary signal, the device cannot be installed that far from the router. It is interesting to find a distance that is sufficient to receive the waves from the main device and, at the same time, ensure a stable connection.

Before installing the repeater, use a smartphone or notebook to check the signal strength at the chosen location. There are several websites and applications that can help users understand the best position, clearly displaying the quality and intensity of the signal around the house.

Avoid obstacles
As with routers, repeaters need to be positioned in an appropriate manner to provide a network with good transmission quality. Try to position the equipment in places that have less obstacles, both in relation to the router and the area that needs to receive the signal.

Most of the available models have lights that indicate the intensity of the signal received, which helps at the time of installation. In addition, it is important to observe if there are objects nearby that can disrupt the distribution of waves, avoiding placing the repeater in close places.

Enough distance to connect the cable
In addition to allowing the Wi-Fi range to be extended, some signal repeater models offer a cable connection. In this way, the user can also connect devices further away and that do not support wireless connections. This function can be interesting for connecting desktops, printers or even older TVs, for example. For this, it is important that the Wi-Fi device is in a socket with adequate distance to connect an Ethernet cable, without disturbing the movement around the environment.


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