How to Install Dark Mode on WhatsApp on Android Phones?


How to Install Dark Mode on WhatsApp on Android Phones? (Root Required)

There is an application that cannot yet adopt the dark side, as the dark mode craze in applications come and go. WhatsApp’s dark mode is still surprisingly long in the testing phase, but there is a way to move it to dark mode.

WhatsApp’s dark mode will soon lead to a stable release. If you can’t wait to update the picture even if the app doesn’t have dark mode yet, there’s a way to use the dark mode in WhatsApp. However, to implement the method, you must specify that your device must be rooted.

As mentioned above, you will need root access to make changes to specific files in the application package. If you have no idea about the root process, but still want to use dark mode, we recommend you to investigate thoroughly. This method, WhatsApp last stable version (2.19.352 and 2.19.358) and OnePlus 7T phones are reported to work without problems.

How to install WhatsApp dark mode?
1. On your Android device, open a File Manager that supports root access. You can take advantage of applications such as Solid Explorer.

2. Next, open the root directory and go to /data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs. There you will see the file “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml”.

3. Now, add the following line to the XML file. Insert the line at the end of the XML file and into the <map> tag, and tap the “Save” button.

<boolean name = “dark_mode” value = “true” />

4. Now that you have made the necessary changes, close WhatsApp completely from the application manager and turn it on again. Go to Settings in WhatsApp and you’ll see the “Theme” option added under the Account option. Select the “Dark” option here.

If WhatsApp switches back to bright mode after rebooting, permanently set the theme of your Android device to dark mode. Otherwise, if your device has the option to lock background apps, enable this option for WhatsApp. So whatsApp will remain active in the background even if you close all applications.

That’s it. The picture looks quite harmonious in dark mode. In addition, colors are not reversed in text, stickers or emojis in the chat window, as opposed to what appears in the dark mode of Android 10.

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