How to Install Cloudflare DNS?


How to Install Cloudflare DNS?
It is possible to experience internet at higher speeds with Cloudflare DNS. We tell you how to install DNS on your Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS devices.

Cloudflare, one of the most established companies in the world in terms of internet and network security, offers free DNS services that almost everyone can use. Basically, DNSs that translate your internet calls and actions into a digital code system are responsible for directing you to the servers of the site or service you want to reach.

If your area is busy and you want many jobs to access a single server at the same time, your internet connection may lose performance. On the other hand, if there is a blocking, it is impossible to access that site or service. Cloudflare is taking over this issue and offers a DNS infrastructure called DNS

What is Cloudflare DNS?
Cloudflare already offered these types of services directly to sites, managing the networks of companies around the world. Using the vast experience here, the company opened its DNS to all individual users. Having more than 1000 servers worldwide, Cloudflare is one of the most reliable companies in this regard.

How to install Cloudflare DNS Windows?
Click on the Start menu
Reach the control panel,
Click on the network and internet article (you can also find this menu by typing ‘network and internet’ directly in the search section).
Click the Change adapter settings tab.
Right click on the wifi network you are connected to enter the features
Select and click the Internet protocol version 4 section.
From here, click on the properties tab.
Then you will see the Use DNS servers tab below, and click here to get to the final stage.
Replace the addresses there with the DNS address.
For IPv4, type and
For IPv6, type 2606: 4700: 1111
Click OK,
After saying shut down, reboot your device.

Now your computer is ready for a safe and fast internet experience!
The things you need to do for the dns application you will install for Windows are very easy. You can do this in a few minutes and get a secure internet connection. There is something extra you need to do for Windows. It will also reboot your computer after the procedure.

How to install Cloudflare DNS MacOS?
Open system preferences,
Search DNS servers and then access the drop-down menu and choose,
To add a DNS server, press the + button and go to the new menu,
Enter the number here and click the + button again. Enter here,
Then press ok and click apply,
Now your Mac is ready to surf the internet safely.
How to use Cloudflare DNS on Android and iOS
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The name of the application is offered as Faster & Safer Internet. This application, which has an important place for Cloudflare, has an important place with its Warp + feature. People can optionally switch to premium Warp + version and enter many sites without any problems and problems. Using Warp + technology, which evokes the speed of space technology, using Vpn turns into a much faster experience.


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