Instagram’s ‘Wrong Information Bilgi Feature Attracts Some Users’ Response


Instagram, a social media application within Facebook, has launched a new application for shares identified as fake. This new ‘false information’ feature added to the platform has attracted some users’ reactions.

Instagram, a popular social media application under the umbrella of Facebook, has added a new feature developed to combat false information and fake news on the platform. With this feature, fake or misleading shares are marked and users are informed about this issue.

It’s really nice that Instagram adds this kind of feature to its platform, but some people wonder if the system goes too far and makes it difficult to share and view certain types of photos. Toby Harriman, a San Francisco photographer, did a few small investigations of this false warning he first encountered walking around Instagram a few days ago.

Instagram’s new feature may undermine digital art:
Harriman, who saw the real photo after warning the ‘false information’ covering the post, realized that the sharing was actually a photo of a man standing in the colorful mountains. Rim Instagram can mark digital art as false information, Har says Harriman, who writes on the topic.

Uz We use a combination of feedback from our community and technology to determine which posts to share with third-party information controllers, Inst Instagram says. If these third-party controllers determine that a photo is fake, the share comes with a notification in the form of false information on it before it becomes publicly visible.

Users who want to see the post despite the incorrect information notification can access the original post by touching the ‘View Photo’ button. The bad thing is that these photos, which are considered false, are also removed from the Explore and #hashtag tabs.

Harriman cannot help but say that Instagram is too overloaded because he loves digital art and is interested in such content. Harriman says he has great respect for digital art, adding that he does not want to face obstacles to seeing such content.


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