Instagram’s Reels feature has come to Facebook!


Facebook has integrated the Instagram Reels feature, which it developed as a rival to TikTok, directly into the main application.


Facebook is expanding the scope of its Instagram Reels format, which it developed as a rival to the short-form video sharing platform TikTok. Exclusive to Instagram until now and the feature will now be used directly in the main Facebook app. The company, which officially started the testing process, opened the innovation to Android and iOS users in the USA. It is not yet available in other countries.

With the new update, it will be possible to create Reels videos directly from the Facebook application. In addition, users will be able to optionally send Reels videos they share on Instagram to Facebook. Both platforms support cross-sharing.

Facebook Reals placed in News Feed

Reels videos created in the Facebook application will not lag behind Instagram. Users will have access to different music, sounds and effects integrated into the platform. The videos created will appear in both Facebook News Feed and groups. It will also be possible to access the account of the creator directly from the page of the relevant video.

Appears in Facebook Reels, News Feed and groups

The video creation tools developed for Facebook Reels are as follows:

  • Audio: You can choose songs from Facebook’s music library to use in your video.
  • You can also use your own original voice. You can add audio from the camera before shooting a clip; You can also add audio after uploading the video. You can also use audio from other people’s videos in your video thanks to the ‘Use Audio’ option.
  • AR Effects: You can use Augmented Reality effects created directly by Facebook or third-party developers in your Reels videos.
  • Timer and Length: By setting a timer, you can record your video without having to hold down the shutter button.
  • Speed: You can slow down the recording to create slow motion videos. You can also increase its speed.
  • Multi-clip: You can create clips by combining multiple videos into one Reels.

Instagram videos can be shared on Facebook

Facebook sent notifications to Instagram users. It asked if they wanted their Reels videos to be recommended in the main app. Videos shared by users who agree to activate will appear in Facebook News Feed and groups. Meanwhile, the suggested videos won’t be limited to just your Instagram followers. It will be open to everyone.

Instagram Reels videos will be shared as suggestions on Facebook

The company announced that the target audience of Reels videos created from Facebook can be changed. Audiences include ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Except Friends’. It was also shared that videos for users aged 18 and over will be ‘Public’ by default.


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