Instagram’s Desktop Version Has A New Stories Page


The desktop web version of Instagram has been updated. With the update, users were introduced to a new story page. Stories opened on Instagram’s web browsers now also offer a preview of previous and next user stories.

An innovation has come to the desktop version of Instagram, the world’s most popular photo and short video sharing platform. Aiming to improve the user experience, the innovation offers a better visual for users who watch stories. Users can now view previews of stories before and after the stories they watched.

Instagram only allowed one story to be viewed before the new feature was introduced. So users only saw a story in the middle of a huge screen. However, this will not happen anymore. In particular, users who care about visuals seem to be pleased with Instagram’s new feature.

Stories design on the desktop version of Instagram will now be like this

Note: Stories before and after watched stories will appear unblurred when you access them from your own account.

In fact, this kind of innovation is not a big deal for Instagram. However, the previous design only provided information about the opening story, not even any information about other stories. Consequently, we can clearly state that the new design is much better than the previous one.


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