Instagram works on ‘Vertical Stories’ like TikTok


Instagram can implement a new feature inspired – again – by TikTok. The social network is working in a vertical mode for the Stories tool feed.

Currently, users browse the contents of Stories by tapping or sliding the screen horizontally. With the new functionality, the slide will happen vertically. An action considered more natural in applications for mobile devices.

The “Vertical Stories” feature was discovered by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi. According to him, the data was found after searching the code of the mobile version of the social network app.

Then Instagram confirmed the information to TechCrunch. As per the statement, this is an initial prototype of the new functionality and is not being tested. Therefore, it may not be released to the general public.

Anyway, the deployment of the vertical feed for Stories would be a notable change. In addition, the social network may start to prioritize videos over static images. Once again, a strategy to compete with TikTok.

Simplifying ideals

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said recently that he is dissatisfied with certain features of the platform like Reels – a tool created to compete with TikTok. So he admits that the rival social network is way ahead.

The executive also points out that most users have difficulty understanding the difference between IGTV and the videos published on the platform. In this way, the company is studying ways to simplify and consolidate ideas.

Therefore, the implementation of the Stories vertical feed, like Reels, may allow for a possible combination of formats. On the other hand, Instagram may just be looking for ways to modernize the social network.


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