Instagram Will Use WhatsApp To Approve Logins In The Future


Instagram: Facebook can do another integration between its platforms. Discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, a two-factor authentication method (2FA) can reach Instagram using WhatsApp messages. The novelty is in development and should debut in the traditional version of the application and in WhatsApp Business.

Instagram currently uses the SMS authentication method to approve account logins. It is also possible to use authentication applications, which is the method recommended by the app. In the future, this verification can be done via WhatsApp messages, with the user receiving a code to validate the request.

This would be an additional method, not mandatory. With the addition, Instagram would offer more options for the user, although the news has not been confirmed by the social network. Although the release has no release date released, screenshots shared by Paluzzi on Twitter show the configuration menu already in operation.

Is method reliable?

“Before we confirm your WhatsApp account, let’s add your phone number. WhatsApp does not save any of your information,” says the confirmation screen. The only difference between this method and SMS is that the user will need an active WhatsApp account to validate the login.

It is worth considering that the SMS authentication method is considered flawed by several specialists in digital security. Big companies like Google and Microsoft have been doing a wider job of disclosing verification methods that do not use passwords, which could prevent intrusions.


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