Instagram Will Remove IGTV Icon On Home Page


Instagram, which is frequented by millions of users every day, will remove the IGTV icon on the main page. This statement came from a Facebook official speaking to TechCrunch.

Being one of the most used social media platforms today, Instagram is working to increase the user experience with the innovations it brings. One of these works, of course, was Instagram IGTV, which has taken place today but is not used as expected.

When Instagram IGTV was developed, it was expected to open a new era in the videos shared on social media. Instagram IGTV was one of the places where users applied, especially if video sharing would be over 1 minute.

Instagram removes the IGTV icon from the home page:
Despite all this, it seems that Instagram could not get what it wants from IGTV. A Facebook official who contacted TechCrunch said that Instagram will remove the IGTV icon. The reason for this is very simple: How many of us clicked on the IGTV icon on the main page?

Here Instagram should have thought the same question in the minds of its users. Because, according to the Facebook official, many people do not access the videos on IGTV by clicking that icon. Instead, he watches IGTV videos that come across them on the Discover tab.

You will understand that Instagram users are not using IGTV to use IGTV. He uses IGTV to watch videos that are probably over 1 minute long. So what will be the future of IGTV, will Instagram continue to keep this feature in practice?

How will IGTV’s future be?
Many changes have been made in the past about IGTV. Even though Instagram continued to support vertical videos previously, it eventually started supporting horizontal videos. Recently, he has put the feature of video sharing over IGTV into the main application of Instagram.

As you know, social media is a platform that people use to follow their friends and share a frame of their lives. People are not logging into IGTV to watch 5-minute videos, many of which they can also find on YouTube. They watch the interesting things that come up in Discover, which they entered to spend time.

This situation greatly reduces IGTV’s intended use. Yes, the people who created the video use IGTV to share their long videos. But even if IGTV gets up, these long videos can be shared piece by piece. The conclusion we get when we add all of this is that IGTV is likely to be removed soon.