Instagram will let you put links in your stories and posts


One of the most annoying limitations of Instagram is that you cannot add links from other Internet pages in the captions of your photos or stories (except in certain cases). Most users get around this limitation by leaving a caption with the comment “Link in bio” and simply placing the link in the bio section of the profile.

Of course, it is not the most efficient way to get the most out of the link in question, since users have to make an “extra effort” in opening a profile and finding the link, not to mention that it is also an extra effort to have to update the section of a profile bio constantly, if you’re running a business, for example.

This limitation has its benefits, such as keeping Instagram posts with somewhat cleaner captions and keeping the user on the platform, but it is also an opportunity to force companies to make use of paid Instagram advertising.

Instagram could let you put links in your stories

However, this limitation could change very soon. According to a patent filed by Instagram through its owner Facebook, on September 8.

The platform may be finally considering allowing its users to post links in their stories and captions for their posts. But at what cost? Apparently every time we want to post a photo with a caption containing a link, we will have to pay a fee. In the patent example, the fee is $ 2 per post (an affordable price for many users).

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