Instagram will ban accounts that do not belong to them


On instagram you will find a lot of profiles that you can visit and that generate daily content. This may not be the case with your favorite athletes, but rather they come from other accounts created by fans of the public figure or from someone who spreads them without permission. And this is where Facebook wants to place more emphasis on protecting this content with its new rights manager.

Protect your content with the new Facebook feature

Facebook pages are a constant source of information. Here you can find product advertisements or simply content related to your interests, whether they are people or brands. But it is true that the content generated by these official channels can be affected by the theft of content by other profiles that publish that content without permission.

Yes, it is true that you can report the misuse of these images, but Menlo Park have been serious about this issue. So much so that they have launched a content rights management feature on pages. As Slashgear says in its lines, the system is already operational, but sanctions will not begin to be applied until next week.

How does the rights manager work?

In the following link we leave you the direct path to the Facebook copyright manager. It is a very useful tool for all artists who do not want their works to be spread on unwanted channels. Until now it was necessary to report these publications as stolen content to the firm, but this seems to speed up the process in a more effective way.

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It turns out that when you have it active you have to indicate the content you want to protect and the social network will be in charge of recognizing it and searching its wide server for exact matches. That way you will always have the certainty that your works or photos are well protected.

But what about the accounts that publish the repost content? the safest thing is that Facebook will delete them as an unofficial channel unless they have express permission from the author to make that repost. This is up to you, since as the page of the tool says you can “monitor the content, block it or attribute credit through a property link. You can even add trusted partners and properties to prevent them from matching their reference files. “


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