Instagram: Videos And Monetization Will Be Priorities In 2022


Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri revealed last Tuesday night (28) what is to come for the social network in 2022. Through a video posted on his Twitter, Mosseri explained that the platform will have four priorities to the throughout the year: video, content monetization, messages and transparency.

“We will have to rethink what Instagram is because the world is changing fast and we will have to change with it. We are thinking about who we are, what we value and what kind of change we want to affect the world,” he commented in the publication.


According to Mosseri, Instagram will invest heavily in improvements in video sharing on the platform, especially on Reels. It is worth remembering that it is not just now that the company invests in this niche. In October, the network already allowed to bring videos in longer format to the main feed.

The company’s CEO points out that creators should gain new features to monetize their content on the network and that the app’s messaging area should be improved, in order to ensure “more transparency on the part of developers”.

Mosseri says the network will also invest even more in users’ safety while using the app. The goal is to ensure that the network β€” considered toxic for young people, according to a report initially released by The Wall Street Journal β€” is a friendlier space. In addition, users will have more control over the app, with the return of the chronological feed, for example.