Instagram turns 10: what was the first photo?


Although in 2010 we already had smartphones -Apple had the iPhone 4 on the market and Samsung debuted its Galaxy S series- and we were in the middle of the generation of online and HD video games, social networks had not yet dominated the day-to-day of the society as a whole.

It was at that time when some of the most used and essential applications and social networks today were born, for example WhatsApp a year before, or Instagram, which first appeared in the Apple App Store and it was not until 2012 when it came out on Android .

Instagram turns 10

Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger under a really curious concept for a social network: upload photos only. Two years later, the success of Instagram was such that Facebook paid for it the largest amount of money it has released in a purchase operation: One billion dollars, an investment that it has sought to make profitable during these 8 years by turning Instagram into one of current networks par excellence, and incidentally expanding its functions -chat, videos, streaming, Stories- until it becomes an All-in-One.

The result? A network that grew from 30 million to one billion users per month, which has multiplied the value of Instagram in the market x100. A network that turns 10 years old today, which has not been without controversy – the plagiarism of Snapchat in its Stories, the merger now with Facebook Messenger – but which remains at the top, which is an essential tool in fields such as travel , holidays, trends, food, etc. And also, why not say it, for pure and simple posturing.

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The first photo uploaded to Instagram
A decade gives billions of photos uploaded, but what was the first? What was that first post that started the social network? Well, one of its co-creators took care of it: It was Krieger on July 16, 2010, with the photo of Pier 38 of the port of South Beach and not his partner Systrom with the photo of his dog and his girlfriend, who was uploaded hours later.


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