Instagram temporarily limits sharing photos within the story


Instagram disables the ability to share (and re-share) posts in your stream as stories as part of a test. The social media service is conducting this experiment to see how disabling the popular feature changes interactivity. Social Media Today wrote that the company announced this change, with a notification sent to users in “certain countries” where the test was conducted. Instagram did not provide any information about exactly which countries this test is running.

In the notification message, “We heard from our community that they want to see fewer posts in Stories.” statement is included. “During this test, you won’t be able to add a feed post to your Story.” It is quite common practice among users to re-share streams shared in the stream as stories. However, you can see a post you see in your feed again later as a recurring post in your friend’s stories.

Although it is annoying to share streaming shares in stories, artists, businesses and organizations used this method to overcome Instagram’s algorithm that prefers friends and family. For example, sharing streaming posts in stories can give your local charity more opportunities to get donations. Removing the ability to re-share is a behavior encouraged by Facebook and Instagram in the first place; It means responding by placing stories very prominently in the app and offering the ability to share them.

For now, disabling reposts is just as the company is considering; It continues to be a test, as does the changes in likes and the various new app layouts it creates as prototypes. But the timing is a bit interesting. Twitter is currently testing its ability to share tweets as stickers in Instagram stories. So you may start seeing a lot more reposts in your stories from a completely different social media platform.


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