Instagram has taken measures for Coronavirus


Instagram has taken measures for coronavirus. The platform wants to prevent misinformation from users.

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, some countries have already taken extreme measures such as national quarantines or flight restrictions in order to stop the high contagion among the population.

Social networks have played an important role for the dissemination of information, prevention measures, among others; However, the recklessness of users could alert or misinform people, which is why Instagram has taken measures in this regard.

According to information from the Engadget portal, the platform has seen unusual activity with the famous filters , which are used for people to share various stories with 3D effects, including on the coronavirus.

From tests, mouth masks or coronavirus effects , different profiles have shared videos and photos that can have a negative impact on the health emergency, since they can cause panic or downplay it.

Starting next week, Instagram will integrate a message on its home screen to share what are the measures to avoid getting infected. The platform has already started with the initiative and the word “coronavirus” no longer appears in filter searches .


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