How is the Instagram Story Watch Order Determined?


Is the ranking of viewers viewing your Instagram Stories still a big question mark for you? Instagram, who has never made a statement about this before, has now started to give some clues about the subject.

The posts we made in the Instagram Story section determined the future of social media. The feature that came to Instagram with the update made in 2016 has been in our lives for a long time. Since then, one of the biggest questions about the feature is the following: What is the sequence of Instagram story tracking determined?

Many people think that the people who visit or follow your Instagram profile the most during the story watching. Unfortunately, the situation is not that simple. Instagram stories watch ranking is based on multiple data set by the app’s software developers.

Factors affecting Instagram story views
How much you interact with other people,
How often you entered (i.e. stalked) the profile of people in the ranking,
The time frame you shared the story.
The first 2 items we have specified determine the order of the stories you have shared on your Instagram profile. If you are not satisfied with the ranking on your profile right now, you can change the ranking on your profile by concentrating on the factors in all three items we have specified.

In other words, in order for the ranking to change, you should change the people you interact with the most, not stalk the people you don’t want to appear, and share the story in different time frames. Therefore, it is very difficult to change this order in Instagram since we are the ones with whom we communicate the most.

So what does this mean if people you never communicate with and interact with on the top rank?
We can keep in mind the first 2 items we mentioned above as general factors. However, in some cases, the top-ranked profiles may not comply with the 2 rules above. This means that the foreign people you see appear only according to the third article.

The time algorithm on Instagram works according to the priority of the stories you share within the app. For example; If you have shared 3 stories, your first story will be sorted by the priority of the people watching your story in the first place. This can cause other users, especially strangers, to appear at the top when viewing your stories in different time periods.

How to hide stories on Instagram from people you don’t want to see?
Go to the Instagram profile and tap the three dash lines under it,
Tap Privacy, then Story,
Touch the number of people who write next to Hide story,
After selecting the people to hide your story, touch the done icon.
When you add your story to your Instagram profile, you may think that “I don’t want everyone to see this post”. In this case, Instagram has a hiding feature that Instagram has set for its users. You can hide the post you shared from the users you specified with the above processes.


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