Instagram Stories How to Hide from Strangers?


Instagram offers many options for sharing every moment of our lives with our followers. Almost every detail from the food we eat to the places we go in and out is available in Instagram stories.

But some users may not want everyone to see the stories they share. Instagram offers a solution for this.

Instagram’s 15-second story sharing feature allows you to share almost any moment of our lives with others, but some of us may not want the stories we share to be seen by everyone.

A new story feature introduced by Instagram a few months ago, allows users who do not follow you to see your stories via ‘location‘ or ‘hashtag.. If you’ve allowed Instagram to reach your location, you can see stories of people you haven’t followed under titles like ‘Istanbul asında on the‘ Explore ’page.

The same applies to the hashtag feature. On the Discover page you can see stories of people you don’t know under popular hashtags like # shopping or #coffee. Of course it is possible to discover new places and new profiles. But you also have your own profile viewed by many people you don’t know. Some users may not be very pleased. Let’s take a look at how you can hide your stories from people you don’t know.

Instagram offers a solution other than a ‘secret account’:
If you don’t want people you don’t know to view your stories, the easiest way is to keep your account private. With this feature, you can confirm yourself who wants to follow you. Here are the steps to hide your account:

Log in to your Instagram profile first.
Access the menu at the top right of the screen.
From the menu, go to Settings> Privacy Settings> Confidential Account.
Then activate the ‘Confidential Account’ feature.

Instagram offers an option for users looking for solutions without hiding their account. You will receive a notification if your shared story is viewed by others under a popular location or hashtag title. All you need to do to get your story out of this situation; simply slide the screen up and enter the list of viewers and press the ‘x yanındaki next to the person you don’t want to view. You can see more clearly how the operation is done from the image above.


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