Instagram Stories can be seen on Facebook


Increasingly interested in integrating features and content from its platforms, Facebook started a new limited test for viewing posts between the platform and Instagram.

From now on, some users will be able to see Stories from Instagram contacts without having to leave Facebook – trying to focus the community more and more on the company’s main social network.

To see the Stories, you must have the account connected between the two services and follow the desired contact on Instagram, which means that the same privacy rules will be valid from one network to another. This includes publications for best friends and followers only, for example. In addition, the person responsible for the Stories can deselect the option of sharing between platforms, if he wants.

As a Facebook spokesperson explained to journalist Matt Navarra, this is a limited test and may or may not be implemented definitively after responses from the community. The reverse process has also been tested previously, with some users posting Facebook posts on the photo and video platform.


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