Instagram starts testing self-destructive messages


Instagram may be the next app to gain a “self-destructive” messaging feature. The company is internally testing this form of secret chat, with messages that are deleted immediately after you close the window with your contact.

Who discovered the novelty was the programmed Jane Manchum Wong, accustomed to unraveling secrets in messengers and social networks from reverse engineering. She posted the result in the form of a GIF on her Twitter profile, warning that the news is still in the very early stages of creation.

As you can see, the feature is only activated within a Dark Mode of the chat and in fact does not leave any history of the previous conversation – a function similar to the Anonymous Mode of browsers, for example. The goal here seems to be to make ephemeral conversations between two Instagram users even more private and impossible to read later. It is worth remembering that WhatsApp, which also belongs to Facebook, has re-tested the “self-destruct” feature of chats – however, in the case of the messenger, it is the user who defines how long the message remains on the air.

In response to Wong’s tweet, Instagram reported its standard statement that the function does exist in Beta, which does not mean it will be commercially launched. “We are always exploring new features to improve your messaging experience. This feature is still in the early stages of development and we will not be testing it externally for now,” said the company spokesman.


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