Instagram starts integration with Facebook


Instagram and Facebook will be unified in Brazil. The notification has already started to be shown to some users and, according to Mark Zuckerberg, the change will allow to integrate the chats of all the company’s messengers, including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct, in addition to ordinary SMS.

Reports of arrival of the novelty began in the United States last Friday (14), but the warning is already appearing for some Brazilians. According to The Verge, users of Android and iPhone (iOS) are gradually beginning to be contemplated.

During a test conducted by TechTudo on Monday (17), the social network issued the alert on a Galaxy A10S with the Android 10 system. However, the function presented an error: when clicking on “Update” to supposedly integrate the services , the app reported “Connection error”.

Speculated in January 2019 and later confirmed by Zuckerberg, the change promises to bring more privacy and security to messaging. As with WhatsApp, for example, conversations on other platforms would be protected with end-to-end encryption. Thus, when using WhatsApp for a contact who is only on Facebook, the content would have the same protection to prevent leaks.

The unification also provides for homogeneity of functions among messengers. Therefore, features that are only available on WhatsApp and Messenger should reach Instagram Direct. This is the case, for example, with quick responses to individual messages with a sideways swipe. The feature already appears in some versions of the photo and video app, such as Instagram Desktop for Windows 10.

In the notification displayed on the cell phone, Instagram notifies the arrival of this function and at least three other novelties. By joining social networks, Direct will gain a new colorful design, allow you to react with any emoji, and chat with Facebook friends without having to switch apps.

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Facebook did not disclose details about the integration nor did it disclose when the news would be released to all users. For now, there is no sign of beginning to unify also with WhatsApp and SMS on Android phones.


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