Instagram started showing all deleted posts again


The social media application Instagram started to show all the messages that were previously deleted by users, for an unknown reason. Moreover, even if the counterparty account is closed, all conversations or private stories shared can be accessed.

Let’s say you deleted and forgot a conversation you had on Instagram years ago … Unfortunately, even if you forget, Instagram does not forget. Some of our readers today shared the information that they have seen old and deleted messages in their Instagram inboxes.

When we looked at our own inboxes to check the status, we noticed that all the past messaging was visible until 2016. Moreover, it is possible to access the stories you send in these messages. You can even see your messaging with people who blocked or blocked you.

Instagram never forgets those old messages. This situation has happened before:

There is some information shared on Reddit that Instagram shows deleted messages to users again in April 2018, October 2019 and December. No statement has been made on the platform or the umbrella company Facebook regarding the source of the problem. However, what happened is concrete proof that Facebook does not delete data even if the user requests it.

Some users who have experienced this problem before; They state that after deleting and installing the application, they do not see the old messages for a short time, and some continue to see them. Since it’s not a user-induced error, the issue persists until Instagram finds a solution.

If you see your deleted messages on Instagram, remember that even if you delete them again, such a situation will occur again in the future. A similar situation applies to all your posts and old profile details. We will share it with you when a statement on the subject comes from the Instagram front.

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