Instagram shopping feature opened!


The long-awaited Instagram shopping feature could be used by some companies. The new system that appeals to companies can now be used by individuals.

What is the Instagram shopping feature?

Instagram, which first knocked on the doors of companies, promised to sell the products of e-commerce sites faster thanks to this system. Users who click on the Shopping tab in the Discover section are confronted with hundreds of e-commerce sites and can examine the products of these sites.

Products that can be viewed through the shopping feature can be purchased. The reduction of this feature, also known as Instagram Shopping, from firm level to individual level has delighted many people.

We see that a tab named “View the Store” has been added. Clicking on this tab displays the products added by the person and the prices of these products.

In addition, there is a section called “Likes” in the tab that shows the store to the users. In this section, we see the products that the user who activates this feature likes and recommends. The Instagram shopping feature will be used by more and more people over time.

There will be a bag sign in the upper right corner of the content prepared for the shopping feature. What do you think about this feature prepared by Instagram? We are waiting your comments.


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