Instagram reviews ‘verification’ criteria to include minorities


Having thousands of followers on Instagram will not help you guarantee the “verified” profile seal on the social network. The company intends to make the process more transparent and fair, reducing the weight of the number of followers during the evaluation to bring the seal and relevance to new audiences.

The novelty is part of the reformulation of the social network to minimize toxicity on the platform – which includes profiles that disseminate hate speech and harassment. Since June, Instagram has pledged to empower voices of black creators, journalists, artists and influencers, now including other minorities as a goal.

To generate greater equality within the platform, Instagram created a team totally dedicated to the topic. This group was designed to “improve the understanding and approach of prejudice in our product development and experience of Instagram users”, according to the words of the publication of Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO, this Wednesday (09).

As additional measures, these geared to the community, Instagram reworked its policies for using the platform to combat racist attacks or prejudiced content. The measures increase control over publications that reinforce negative stereotypes such as blackface and anti-Semitic publications.

Along with this group, the social network also promises to get rid of any account that is clearly threatened by rape or harassment. So far, Instagram has gotten rid of 23 groups with constant participation in attacks on the network, half of them managed by white supremacists.

Finally, the evaluation to guarantee the verified profile seal will be more transparent and will not only consider a large number of followers. “An account needs to meet certain criteria before we verify, including a certain degree of relevance,” comments the CEO.

“We measure relevance with the number of journalistic articles related to the individual who asks for verification. We are expanding our list of news sources to include more blacks, members of the LGBTQ + community and inhabitants of Latin America. ”, He added. Therefore, the greater variety of vehicles should allow more profiles to reach the desired label, increasing the diversity of content driven by Instagram.


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