Instagram returns to support Lite Reels


Instagram released the Lite app for Android in 2018, but removed the app from the Play Store in the fall of last year. The app now returns with new features and a slightly larger file size.

According to the statement made by Instagram, the application will meet Android device owners in 170 countries. While Instagram’s standard Android application requires 30 MB of space on the device, only 2 MB is enough for Lite. The first version of Instagram Lite was only 573 KB. The iOS version of Instagram Lite is not on the agenda.

In parallel with the increase in size, new features are also added to Instagram Lite. You can now send messages or share videos with Instagram Lite. In addition, Reels videos can be watched through the application. The Reels tab will replace the shopping tab on the home page.

Nick Brown, product manager for Instagram Lite, stated that they have no intention of adding the shopping experience to the app. Saying that Reels videos are very popular in India, Brown stated that they highlighted Reels on Instagram Lite for this reason. Since TikTok is banned in India, it is worth remembering that Instagram is unrivaled in this country.

Those who use the Instagram Lite application will not encounter advertisements in the first place. However, the team that prepared the application plans to add all the income tools of the platform to Instagram Lite in the long term.


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