Instagram replaces ‘Explore’ button with new Reels tab


Since August, Instagram has been testing to replace the ‘Explore’ (search) button on the app with a page from Reels, a direct competitor to. TikTokAvailable in a global market, Reels has been gaining popularity and is increasingly publicized by the company. Now, this decision seems to have been official and gives more prominence to the area of ​​short videos of the social network.

The change is quite simple: the search / Explore button, which was in the menu at the bottom of the screen, now goes to the top, next to the button to access direct messages (DM). In its place, there is a new icon to access the Reels. In theory, the only problem will be the confusion in the users’ memory.

The process is similar to the test done by Instagram in the past to give IGTV more prominence. At the time, the social network added a button to more easily access the page for longer videos – which was later undone.

Enjoying the moment

The change was confirmed by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. In fact, the Reels button replaces the Explore tab and the spread can now be felt in India. Not all users, however, have experienced the change.

It is worth remembering that, here in Brazil, at least since August, users already have the new Reels button in the lower menu. The change will be made for both Android and iOS users. According to Mosseri, the company plans to integrate more tools into the application in the future, but he did not provide details.

The change in Instagram comes at a time when Reels’ main rival (and potential motivator), TikTok, faces pressure from the United States government and could be banned from the country.


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