Instagram renewed the design of IGTV


Added popular content producers section and Explore tab to IGTV. With the renewed design, the visibility of IGTV videos on Instagram has also changed.

IGTV, the video platform of Instagram released in 2018, has still not met with a wide audience. Particularly desiring to have IGTV application downloaded by more users, Instagram renewed IGTV’s design. In the renewed design of IGTV, content producers are highlighted. In a statement, Instagram stated that it has completely renewed the IGTV application homepage to help highlight content producers.

With this new design, users will see the “popular content producers” section at the top of the application when they open IGTV. All content producers in this section are selected according to the accounts that the user is following and the content that is thought to be interesting.

Let’s also say that IGTV has got a new Explore tab in the design change. The content on IGTV has been presented with a simpler look so far. Users will now be able to find popular videos on the Discover tab as well as the accounts they follow. For those who want to browse new content through the Explore tab, it is enough to touch the content. IGTV can enable users to consume more content with this new tab.

Finally, let’s mention that the visibility of IGTV videos on Instagram has also changed. IGTV videos added to Stories will no longer appear as just one frame of images. Instead, users will be able to watch 15 seconds of IGTV videos on the Story. In this way, users can watch the entire content by clicking on the video. It can increase the conversion of IGTV videos on Instagram.

Within the scope of these innovations, Instagram, which makes IGTV more accessible, wants to continue to attract content producers. Focusing on the long video format, just like YouTube, the company is trying to get the platform up with the contribution of content producers.


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