Instagram releases new ‘Reels’ and ‘Shop’ tabs


This Thursday (12) Instagram presents its new Reels and Shop tabs. The novelty, announced on the company’s official blog, should help content creators, brands and small businesses to grow more easily, in addition to providing a richer and more complete user experience.

According to the post, the update represents the concern of the social network with its target audience, as well as remaining relevant due to the constant changes in the modern social environment.

Launched in June this year, the Reels feature was a great success among users, providing rich and innovative content for the platform. Now, he will receive even more attention with the new tab, developed to act as a kind of stage, aiming to facilitate the sharing of media and provide more chances to ‘be successful and find an audience’, according to the Instagram post.

The Shop tab, in turn, is a novelty that promises to bring more proximity in the connection between brands, small businesses and users. It is possible to be inspired by the products and content offered, new collections of items, personalized shopping suggestions and also a special curatorship made by the editors of the @shop channel, official on Instagram.

The change reinforces Instagram’s commitment to its target audience, young people and content creators, who launch trends and move the culture and information of the social network with more intensity.

The platform also promises to maintain the simplicity of its interface and hear feedback from its users about this and other future changes. The update with the Reels and Shop tabs should be available soon for all iOS and Android users worldwide.

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