Instagram Reels will have new buttons in the app


Facebook continues in its attempt to be one of the largest companies on the entire Internet with its great diversification.

As you know, it does not have the social network service that it provides under its name. Apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram also operate under its wing and today we just have to talk about the latter since in the firm’s offices they are working on the redesign of Instagram to include two extra functions on the main screen.

Changes to the main Instagram screen

If you are an Instagram user, you will know how easy it is to use the application. Its PC version has recently been updated, although it does not match all the possibilities of its version for smartphones. The second allows you to see all the updates of the profiles that you follow with a simple flick of your thumb, although watching short videos in Stories and publications are not the only thing you can do.

Let us remember that the use of two new functions has recently been promoted: on the one hand, there is the store, where you can sell products and buy them in the same app. On the other hand, there is Reels, which is essentially the photographic app’s response to TikTok videos. These two novelties are very recent, so much so that the firm has only worried about launching them, but now the firm is testing new combinations to include the Store and Reels on the home screen.

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