Instagram, Reels & Purchases to navigation bar


Instagram tests putting Reels and Purchases tabs on the homepage

Instagram is redesigning its home screen to emphasize shopping and reels. The company introduced a new design that offers purchases and Reels a permanent location in the navigation bar of the application.

The company started the change in September when it began testing three new variations of its home screen. From La Verdad Noticias we inform you that this is the first time that Instagram officially changes its home screen.

A new design for the home page

The company has begun testing a new design for the app, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said on Twitter on Wednesday.

The three options for the horizontal menu would include the addition of two new tabs that would replace the existing icons or be added to the bar.

The new tabs will be for two features that Instagram has invested time in and changed in 2020. Notably, the change in format puts Reels, which launched globally in August, the spotlight on the platform.

The newly released Reels features are meant to rival the massive success of TikTok’s short-form video model, offering users the same music-based combo clips found on, and often pulled directly from, TikTok.

A recent survey by content company Whistle found that 87% of TikTok users said Reels were “basically the same thing.”

Instagram adds tabs for Purchases and Reels

The three options for the horizontal menu would include the addition of two new tabs
In the meantime, the Purchases tab would serve as the base of operations for the app’s e-commerce features that allow brands and businesses to sell products on their profiles, which users can purchase directly from the app.

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Although these shopping features have been in place since 2018, Instagram relaxed restrictions on purchases in July to allow any user with a business or creator account to turn their profile into earnings.

In a blog post, Instagram Director Adam Mosseri said the shift reflects a growing shift toward short-form video content and an increase in shopping during the pandemic.

By the way, both TikTok competitor purchases and Reels are also strategically important for the future of Facebook. But the change is also likely to be unpopular, at least initially, among Instagram users who oppose the change.

However, for Instagram, it’s probably worth the risk, especially if you can get more users to view Reels and break the in-app purchase button.


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