Instagram Reels now lets you find the audios for your video


TikTok is one of the most downloaded and used applications of the moment by all those users who want to be entertained on the Internet.

The youngest know how to take great advantage of the app created and responding to the challenges that exist in the social network and that many will know. Such has been its popularity that it is not surprising that other applications have copied its model as we see on Instagram Reels. Now the Menlo Park team is putting it up a gear by bringing new audio features to their newest feature.

What’s New in Instagram Reels Audio

Music videos are very popular on the Internet. So much so that the youngest see the footsteps of their stars and try to imitate them to a greater or lesser extent. The result is the same: everything that is done is uploaded to share it with friends and try to get the famous to take a look at how you imitate that dance.

That is why the important thing is not to find the dance, but the right song for it. For this reason, TikTok has a system that finds you the different contents with the same audio. And this is something that Instagram also wants for itself as we see in one of the latest updates that the company brings. On Instagram’s Twitter we have been able to see the new update proposed by Menlo Park for Reels with their new audio improvements.

Three improvements for Reels

Instagram Reels includes three new features related to audio. The first of all has to do with saving a sound from another video, allowing you to use it for later. Another function has to do with the audio search engine, a very good function for all those who want to see what is done with the song they want to use for their next video. This makes it easier to follow a trend.

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The last and not least has to do with sharing. And this is something that has to do with social networks, since if you participate in the give and take of the Internet, messages and sharing elements is constant. And referring to this we have the sharing of the entire audio pages by direct message to your contacts. In short, you will save someone looking for all the videos that are made with a song when you have previously searched for them.


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