Instagram Reduces The Options Of Your Daily Time Limit


Instagram: It is widely known that mobile phone manufacturers are very aware of how users use their devices. And they are aware that what is truly important in their lives is to share it with their loved ones and enjoy life in the real world. This is also known in Meta, where they will now give you fewer options to reduce the time limit you spend in the app.

Fewer options to choose your time on Instagram

Time is very important to everyone. You can spend it as and with whomever you want, but it is true that technology takes up more and more time in our lives. What you upload to the networks, what you see, the orders you do… everything has to do with the interaction you do on social networks and you are the only one capable of deciding the time you spend on the Internet.

The fact is that applications like Instagram have functions with which it is possible to determine the time you spend on them. It’s simple, and you can set the limit you want in order to be clear about the minutes you want to have each day using that application. But it is not a very aggressive function beyond a simple notification that reminds you that you have already fulfilled for today.

The fact is that until now there are many options where you can place those minute or hour limits, but now you will have a maximum and minimum limit where you can choose. On the one hand, you will have a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of three hours to choose from. Afterwards, you have different ranges such as 45 minutes, an hour or two depending on what you want.