Instagram redesigns app and returns to bet on IGTV content


IGTV, Instagram’s platform with constant video programming, had the individual application completely redesigned by the company. The updates are already effective on both Android and iOS.

According to The Verge, the homepage has been completely redesigned to highlight individual content creators, with a feed based on their consumption history and programs currently featured. In addition, a “Discover” tab that suggests new profiles for you to follow has been added, as well as a possibility to make recordings without having to touch the screen to do so.

Another novelty is the possibility for IGTV content creators to post 15 seconds of video material in their Stories, which includes a link to access the complete material, which can help publicize the platform.

Away from the heights
Instagram’s idea is to make IGTV gain a larger user base and become more relevant in the community, in addition to facilitating access to videos – the feature was launched in June 2018 to be a kind of YouTube competitor, but it is far from reaching that potential.

Rumors about the service’s termination circulated earlier this year, when the IGTV highlight button was removed from the Instagram app homepage. However, it was only moved to the “Discover” tab, losing space between traditional content and focusing on the app separately.


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