Instagram QR Code: how to create a code for your profile


As you evolve from Name Tags to QR-Code, you’ll have an image that people can scan to instantly enter your Instagram page and start following you.

The cool thing is that there are different types of QR-Codes designs and, within each of them, several options of colors, formats, scenarios and accessories.

How to create a QR-Code on Instagram?

1. Open your Instagram profile and tap the three horizontal stripes

2. Then tap QR Code

3. When viewing your code, touch the bottom of the screen until you reach the desired color. And that’s it: the option is created! But there are more designs. Click “Color” to go to the next

4. On the next screen (“Emoji”) click on a face to choose your model. Once the design is chosen, tap “Emoji” to go to the next option (“Selfie”)

5. In “Selfie” position your face in the field indicated and capture the image (in the take photo button). By clicking on the faces, various accessories / stickers will be offered (mustache, glasses, heart, unicorn)

6. Your Instagram QR-Code is ready! You can choose between Color, Emoji and Selfie options to share with friends
How to create Instagram QR-Code from your computer?
On the computer, the design option available is for “Color” only. Just go to, select the desired background color and click on “Download the name tag” to download the code. Then just share. See the example:

How to read a friend’s QR-Instagram?

It’s very easy: open the “QR-code” screen, touch the bottom option “Read QR-code” and point the camera at a code. Instagram will immediately display the profile.

How to use the new Instagram QR-Code?

Instagram’s QR-Code, if well used, can become an important tool to promote pages, by allowing people to send their profile to people in a fast, fun and interactive way.

In the case of companies, the QR-Code can be added to the website or work as an email signature, in PDF gifts or on Pinterest.

If you have a physical store, a good option is to put the Instagram QR-Code on the window, on the product labels, on the packaging or on pamphlets.


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