Instagram problem on iPhone is finally resolved!


Even though Instagram works much more successfully on iPhone compared to Android devices, sometimes problems can be inevitable. Good news came for the Instagram iMessage problem that annoys iPhone users.

Have you noticed recently that when you send a link to any Instagram post to your friends via iMessage on your iPhone or iPad, no preview occurs? You are not the only person faced with this problem.

Instagram iMessage problem on iPhone is solved

According to the statements of security analyst Mysk, the main source of the problem: When we post a link to a post on Instagram in iMessage, iMessage tries to open the link to read metadata and content and generate a preview; However, because Instagram directs incoming link requests directly to the login page, the preview of the links cannot be generated.

Oddly enough, this issue is only with iMessage. For example, when we send a link from Slack that is not normally previewed in iMessage, we see that the preview is automatically generated. On the other hand, links from websites such as Twitter or Google can be previewed seamlessly through iMessage.

A statement came from the Instagram wing about this issue. Mashable stated that they reached out to the officials of Instagram and asked them about this issue directly. In their response to the question, the officials said, “This problem is caused by a bug and we are actively working to ensure that Instagram link previews in iMessage are loaded normally.”

For the time being, the authorities do not specify the exact date on which the correction will be made. However, we will probably not have to wait too long for the upcoming update.


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