Instagram prepares Clubhouse-like voice chat rooms


It seems that with its Clubhouse format, it is not just content to impress Twitter. It seems that Instagram is also preparing to offer Clubhouse-like voice chat rooms. The first signs of Instagram’s work have also surfaced.

The idea that people can reach their friends or followers via audio only, without live video has attracted many social media users. Application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shared his work on Instagram to present this feature.

The screenshots shared by Paluzzi show how Instagram users can start an audio stream. It seems that users just tap the microphone icon next to the camera icon to start the audio stream.

Leaked screenshots show that Instagram has reached a certain point in its preparations. Therefore, it does not seem like it will take much time for Clubhouse to meet its new rival.

In addition to offering Clubhouse-like voice chat rooms, Instagram is preparing for yet another innovation. Paluzzi also shared the information that Instagram will protect the chat feature with end-to-end encryption. Considering Facebook’s plan to unite all messaging platforms, one shouldn’t be too surprised.


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