Instagram opens the feature of adding links to stories to everyone!


Instead of Instagram’s swipe up feature, the incoming link sticker is open to everyone. So how to make an Instagram link sticker?


Instagram’s famous swipe up feature was removed a while ago. You could access the links that the creators shared in their stories by swiping up. Instagram announced that it will remove this feature, but will replace it with a link sticker. However, the link sticker was only available for verified accounts or creators who have reached a certain number of followers.

Instagram’s link sticker will be available to all users

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is a popular social media platform and tries to attract the attention of users with the updates it brings. Its innovations, especially for content creators, are more popular. Instagram started testing the link sticker in June, and many creators have enjoyed using it.

According to Instagram, link stickers are useful for everyone, from businesses looking to showcase their products to activists connecting to outside sources. The company announced that anyone can use link stickers to interact with their followers. In addition, the company stated that users who repeatedly put a link sticker on sites that contain false information or hate speech will lose access to their accounts.

When Instagram started testing the feature in June, it stressed that it would only be for Stories. So it will not be brought to any post or for Reels. Accordingly, Instagram’s plans may change.

How to make a link sticker on Instagram?

  1. After uploading content to your story, go to the sticker tool in the top navigation.
  2. You will see the link label, tap it.
  3. Type the URL you copied or want to enter earlier.
  4. Then add it to a desired location in your story.

Instagram’s link sticker is found useful by many content creators. A useful feature for accounts that share connections all the time. So what do you think about Instagram’s link sticker, and how do you think making this sticker available to everyone can make a difference? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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