Instagram: It is now possible to classify your subscriptions


Something new on Instagram. From now on, you will be able to classify your subscriptions by areas of interest or affinities. All this in a new tab.

Instagram now allows you to filter the flow of subscriptions . Now, the app offers you a list based on your interests.

It’s moving on your Instagram feed . In addition to new functions, there is also a risk of seeing the end of the likes counter. Social media will now classify your followings. Kylie Jenner will no longer rub your avocado toasts on your news feed! If this is not yet the case for you, arm yourself with a little patience, it is being deployed.

From now on, you will be able to organize your following tab thanks to categories established by you or defined by default . It is not the only site on the platform. Instagram has also banned retouched photos in Photoshop. We tell you a little more about this new function: sorting your subscriptions.

Instagram has not finished rethinking its platform. After testing the messages via the browser, the app attacks your subscriptions. With this option, you will be able to sort your following tab. For example, you can create a list dedicated to travel, another to cooking or a list of indie artists to follow . Up to you. In any case, Instagram will automatically generate lists. Then, the app will leave you free to create your own categories.

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Concretely, how does it work? To put it simply, Instagram is sifting through the accounts that come up most often on your news feed . Then come the profiles you like and comment on the most. For the rest, you will have free time to create your own sections. Each list has its tab. And on each tab, its feed, much like the Explore tab. This new feature therefore offers easier and personalized access to your favorite accounts!


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