Instagram now have messages that disappear


Facebook has released its temporary messaging function for Instagram and Messenger, “Vanish Mode”. First announced at the end of September, the novelty allows users to send ephemeral messages on platforms, including texts, photos, audios, videos, emojis and stickers, which disappeared immediately after being viewed.

The function is not exactly new for all users, who have already noticed the option to activate it in their settings since it was announced. It is also very similar to what is already found in the Instagram Direct Messaging system (popularly known as DM), which allows you to send photos and videos with temporary duration.

In Facebook Messenger, however, there is only one “secret chat” function, which allows end-to-end encryption, but without messages with a disappearing function.

Optional extra privacy

According to Facebook, Vanish Mode will be entirely optional, requiring the guest user – the mode works only for individual chats – agree to enter the chat mode before starting it. It can be accessed and disconnected by clicking on the top of a conversation or by dragging upwards, right at the beginning of the conversation. The mode will also feature enhanced security in terms of privacy, with a notification function in case one of the users takes a screenshot of the conversation.

The mode is another one of Facebook’s efforts against Snapchat, which in recent years has incorporated several functions of its rival to attract young audiences, mainly in the North American region. The function also reinforces the social network’s stance in becoming a little more intimate, leaving aside the traditional news feed and adopting priority in groups and direct messages.

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Vanish Mode for Messenger and Instagram begins to be officially released today in the United States and should arrive in the coming weeks to other countries, according to updates from Facebook servers.


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