Instagram now allows you to view posts with your friends via video call


In times of social isolation and Coronavirus, Instagram has gained a new feature that will make life easier for those who usually see and comment on publications with friends. The social network now allows users to view the same publication feed during video calls.

Called Co-Watching, the function can be accessed during video calls made within the application, which can be initiated through the camera button on Direct. During the call, the Posts option will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, which has a photo icon.

When activating it, the user opens a shared feed for all participants in the video call that includes liked, saved and also recommended posts. For those who want to try, the novelty is already being distributed in the application for Android and iOS.

New measures against Coronavirus
In addition to the shared browsing mode, Instagram also received other news aimed at fighting the Coronavirus. For those who use stickers in publications, now the social network has a sticker saying to stay home during the proliferation of the disease.

The photo app has also taken steps to combat rumors and false news about COVID-19. The company has started banning ads that promise miracle cures for the disease and is removing content marked as fake by agencies that specialize in fact-checking.

The company is also displaying a message to anyone who searches the app for Coronavirus. Like other social networks, Instagram now recommends that users search for information about the disease on the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

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