Instagram News: Live 4 hours and Live Archives for 30 day


Used daily not only by influencers and instagrammers, the Instagram Live tool allows you to broadcast live video for your contacts and other users of the social network. And in this era of Coronavirus, Live is being used for events, classes, meetings, etc. in broadcasts that have a maximum limit of 1 hour in duration.

Or rather: they had, because Facebook wanted to extend the duration “a little”. And the result has been new Live that will last 3 times longer if you want.

Instagram Live, 4 hours live

Of the tools most used in countries such as the United States during confinement, you can now use Live from Instagram to perform live shows of up to 4 hours in duration, an extension of 3 hours in the service that according to the company has been carried out to help in the virtual events of yoga teachers, fitness instructors, teachers, musicians, artists, activists, etc.

And so that they are not a thing of a day, Instagram has also added a live file to store these videos for a limited time. As announced by the official Instagram profile on Twitter, live videos from the social network can now be automatically saved for up to 30 days, before being deleted using the new live archive. In this way, a Live will not be lost as soon as the broadcast closes.

Finally, to increase the visibility of Instagram Live videos, the app has implemented a new section, ‘Live now’ – ‘live now’ – in the IGTV application and in the Explore tab of Instagram.

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