Instagram: Michele Morrone is handsome at the hairdresser


On Instagram, the handsome actor Michele Morrone made a splash by revealing a very sexy video of him … At the hairdresser!

Michele Morrone has just proven that he keeps his sex appeal in all situations… And even at the hairdresser!

Since being revealed by Polish son 356 DNI, Michele Morrone has become a real star! Indeed, on Instagram, the Italian actor already has more than 11 million followers, a real record for the young man!

With this huge community on this social network, the handsome brunette often films himself in his daily life to feed his Instagram story… A happiness for his many fans!

So, this Thursday, January 14, the handsome Michele Morrone posted a video while he was at the hairdresser! Indeed, on the images in question, the latter was having his hair washed! We let you admire an image of the beautiful Michele below!


The same day, Michele Morrone posted a wonderful photo of him via his Instagram feed! A cliché on which the handsome brunette wore a very classy white shirt!

A shot that his many fans loved! Indeed, the post already has many comments and even more likes!

“Too beautiful Michele Morrone, a real angel in this photo! “” Oh my God, he really is the most beautiful man in the world! “” But what an incredible man, white really suits him like a charm! ”

Or: “Canon as always, you dress really too well Michele! “You can read on the social network of the Italian actor! Comments all more adorable than the others which will therefore please the latter! Indeed, his fans all seem under his spell!


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