Instagram may receive monetization program for affiliates


Instagram should further expand its range of options for influencers, according to Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi. Through reverse engineering, the leaker found possible jobs being done by the application’s programmers.

Affiliate program

The first novelty has to do with an affiliate program, something that influencers have been asking for a long time. As with YouTube, it will now be possible to work for a fee with your audience. Apparently the service will not be available to everyone.

According to images shown by Paluzzi, if the user does not follow the content monetization policies, his account will be blocked for 24 hours, preventing the activation of new subscribers. The fact is that it will be necessary to wait for an official signal from the company to be aware of the complete plan.

Swearing control

Another novelty that should appear soon is the blocking of keywords. This way, influencers will be able to bar swearing or inappropriate content in their direct messages. The option will be available within the user’s privacy settings.

Automatic brightness

Called Brightness AI, the new feature automatically corrects the brightness of photos and video. The image change tool will be available within the editing options.

This way, influencers will have an easier time posting content on the social network, without using other editing programs.


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