Instagram is about to make a move to finish TikTok


Instagram wants to break the popularity of its biggest rival, TikTok. The platform, which intensifies its work in this context, is now working on a new feature. This feature seems to give TikTok the basic feature of Instagram.

TikTok joined the world’s most popular social media platforms in a short time. It is not known what causes this platform to become so popular in a very short time, but whether we like it or not, TikTok is getting stronger every day. As a natural consequence of this situation, other social media platforms see TikTok as a threat to them.

In this context, the most important platform that sees TikTok as a risk to itself is Instagram. Because Facebook has videos on this platform is a very important element. As such, Instagram had to do something to break TikTok’s guard, and Instagram will soon copy one of TikTok’s most essential features.

Instagram is currently working on a new video editing mode. This feature that Instagram was working on was discovered through a software engineer named Jane Manchun Wong. Wong has been researching applications with reverse engineering methods for a while, revealing new features of the applications and sharing them with the public. Therefore, Wong’s new disclosures increase the likelihood of Instagram’s new feature to be maximum.

The new feature that the Instagram developer team is working on is actually the basis of TikTok. Namely; Once this feature is available, Instagram users will be able to create a variety of videos and edit those videos just like TikTok. With this feature, users will be able to add features such as changing the speed of their videos, AR effects, and getting involved in each other’s videos.

It is not known when this new feature of Instagram will be available. However, the opinions of the developer team, this feature will be available without delay. Because the entire Facebook team, especially Mark Zuckerberg, is determined to break TikTok’s popularity and want to make these decisions as soon as possible. Let’s see if this new feature of Instagram is enough to break consumers away from TikTok?


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